Roman Catholic Colleges/Catholic Missionaries

Archives of Irish Bishops
The Cardinal Paul Cullen Papers (1821-49) documenting his time as Rector of the Irish College in Rome has recently been calendared and are available online

Correspondence generated during Cullen’s time as Rector and his successor Tobias Kirby (1831-95) have been also digitised

The journal Archivium Hibernicum contains many useful calendars of the correspondence of the Roman Catholic Archbishop of Dublin, including letters from missionary bishops. For example, the Hamilton Papers (1800-62) have been calendared by Mary Purcell and appear in Archivium Hibernicum (1990).

St. Kieran’s College, Kilkenny (1782)
Rev. Patrick Birch, ‘Saint Kieran’s College Kilkenny’ in The Capuchin Annual (1959), pp 281-375.

Archival sources contain records relating to the development of the college (lay and clerical) and unpublished manuscripts detailing the history of the college.


St. Patrick’s College Carlow (1793) Archives
The college archives includes student registers dating to its foundation and destination of its clerical students after ordination.


St. Patrick’s College Maynooth (1795) Archives
Archival sources are arranged by College President. Although Maynooth was not a major exporter of missionaries, its role as the national seminary meant that it received correspondence from missionary bishops throughout the Anglophone world.
Rev. Michael Montague (1835-45)
Rev. Laurence Renehan (1845-57)
Rev. Charles Russell (1857-80)


St. John’s College, Waterford (1807)
A major source for missionary priests in Newfoundland during the 1830s and 1840s.
Rev. J. Keating,‘ St. John’s College Waterford’ in The Capuchin Annual (1959), pp 281-375.


St. Peter’s College, Wexford (1819)


All Hallows College (1840)
Kevin Condon, The Missionary College of All Hallows, 1842-1898 (Dublin, 1986).
John Curry, All Hallows College Dublin and its founder (Dublin, 1900).
John Healy, All Hallows College, 1842-1898 (Dublin, 1898).
Richard Howley, ‘Reminiscences of All Hallows College’ in The Irish ecclesiastical record: a monthly journal under episcopal sanction,  Vol. XIII, Ser. 3 (December 1892), pp 1122-1134.
John MacDevitt, Father Hand: founder of All Hallows Catholic College for the foreign missions (Dublin, 1885).
Thomas O’Donnell, ‘Centenary of All Hallows College’ in Studies: an Irish quarterly review, Vol. XXXI (Decmber 1942), pp 429-437.
W. Purcell, et. al., ‘All Hallows College Dublin’ in The Capuchin Annual (1959), pp 281-375.

Archival Sources
Correspondence files (1842-1877) from missionaries throughout the English speaking world are available on microfilm in the National Library of Ireland.
All Hallows College Dublin, ‘Overseas Missionary Correspondence, 1842-77 Letters from Dioceses in the United States (San Francisco to Wheeling, West Virginia) and Canada’ (National Library of Ireland Microfilm).
All Hallows College Dublin, ‘Letters to All Hallows College, Dublin, from missionaries in the United States of America, 19th c.’ (National Library of Ireland Microfilm).


Trinity College Dublin

General Histories
R.B. McDowell and D.A. Webb, Trinity College Dublin 1592-1952: an academic history (Cambridge, 1982).
Trinity: one of the great European centres of learning (1989).
Charles H. Holland (ed.), Trinity College Dublin and the idea of a university (Dublin, 1991).
John V. Luce Trinity College Dublin: the first 400 years (Dublin, 1992).

John Pentland Mahaffy, An epoch in Irish history: Trinity College, Dublin: its foundation and early fortunes, 1591-1660 (London, 1903).

Constantia Maxwell, A history of Trinity College Dublin, 1591-1892 (Dublin 1946).

Kenneth C. Bailey, A history of Trinity College, Dublin, 1892-1945 (Dublin, 1947) .

Harold Lawson Murphy, A history of Trinity College Dublin from its foundation to 1702 (Dublin, 1951).

Olive Purser, Women in Dublin University 1904-1954 (Dublin, 1954).

Lynn Mitchell & Elizabeth Mayes (eds), Trinity College Dublin: a beautiful place.

Susan M. Parkes (ed.), A danger to the men? a history of women in Trinity College Dublin 1904-2004 (Dublin, 2004).

Trinity College Dublin, War List (Dublin, 1922).

G. D. Burtchaell and T. U. Sadlier (eds) produced Alumni Dublinenses: a register of the students, graduates, professors and provosts of Trinity College in the University of Dublin (1593-1846) (London, 1924).
Jarlath Ronayne, First Fleet to Federation.  The Influence of Trinity College Dublin on Law, Learning and Politics in Colonial Australia (Dublin, 2001).

Departmental/Professorial Histories

Engineering at TCD
Ronald Cox, Engineering at Trinity: incorporating a record of the School of Engineering (Dublin, 1993).
Ronald Cox, Civil engineering at Trinity: a record of growth and achievement (Dublin, 2009).
Ronald Cox (ed.), A record of past and present students in the School of Engineering, Trinity College Dublin, 1841-1966 (Dublin, 1966).
Ronald Cox (ed.), Record volume of engineering graduates in the School of Engineering, Trinity College Dublin (Dublin, 1974).
Ronald Cox, Graduates' in Engineering 1843-1993 (Dublin, 1993)

School of Physic/Medicine
T.P.C. Kirkpatrick, History of the medical teaching in Trinity college: Dublin and of the School of Physic in Ireland (Dublin, 1912).
T.P.C. Kirkpatrick, The festival of the bicentenary of the School of Physic in Ireland: celebrated in Trinity College, Dublin, 4th, 5th, 6th July, 1912 (Dublin, 1912).
T.P.C. Kirkpatrick, The early history of the medical school in Trinity College, Dublin, being an Address delivered in the Theatre of Anatomy, at the centenary celebration of the opening of the New Medical School Buildings, on Wednesday, January 13, 1926 (Dublin, 1926).
History and regulations of the School of Physic in the University of Dublin and list of medical graduates (Dublin, 1870).
Peter Gatenby, Trinity College Medical School book of profiles of alumni (Dublin, 1992).
Peter Gatenby, The school of physic of Trinity College Dublin: a retrospective view (Dublin, 1994).
Davis Coakley, The Irish school of medicine: outstanding practitioners of the 19th century (Dublin, 1988).
Davis Coakley, Doctor Steeven’s Hospital: a brief history (Dublin, 1992).

School of Divinity
J. E. L. Oulton, ‘The study of divinity in Trinity College Dublin, since the foundation,’ Hermathena 58 (1941)
W. C. G. Procter’s The study is theology over fifty years in the Church of Ireland (1977)
R. M. Gwynn, E. M. Norton and B. W. Simpson, T.C.D. in China: a history of the Dublin University Fukien mission 1885-1935 (Dublin, 1936)
Diana M. McFarlan, Whosoever plants... (Dublin, 1993). 
Susan Parkes, Kildare Place: the history of the Church of Ireland Training College 1811-1969 (Dublin, 1984)

R.D.C Black, “Economic studies at Trinity College Dublin” in Hermathena (1947/48)

Staff biographies/memoirs
W. B. Standford & R. B. McDowell’s Mahaffy (London, 1971)
Arthur R. Winnett’s Peter Browne: Provost, bishop, metaphysician (London, 1974)
R. B. Murray’s Archbishop Bernard: professor, prelate and provost (London, 1931).
David Webb, Of One Company (Dublin, 1951)
William Bedell Stanford, Stanford: Regius Professor of Greek, 1940-80, Trinity College, Dublin: memoirs.


Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland
J.D.H. Widdess, The Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland and its medical school, 1784-1984 (Dublin, 1984).
J.B. Lyons, A pride of professors: the professors of the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland, 1813-1985 (Dublin, 1999).
J.B. Lyons, Aspects of the history of medicine in Ireland (Dublin, 1998).
J.B. Lyons, Surgeon Major Parke’s African journey, 1887-9 (Dublin, 1994).
J.B. Lyons, H. O'Flanagan and W.A.L. MacGowan. The irresistible rise of the RCSI (Dublin, 1978).
J.B. Lyons, An assembly of Irish surgeon: lives of presidents of the Royal College of surgeons in Ireland in the 20th century (Dublin, 1984).
J.B. Lyons, Brief lives of Irish doctors (Dublin, 1978).
J.B. Lyons, Oliver St. John Gogarty: the man of many talents; a biography (Dublin, 1980).


Royal College of Physicians in Ireland
J.D.H. Widdess, A history of the Royal College of Physicians of Ireland, 1654-1963 (London, 1963)
See RCPI library and archives website:


University College Cork

General Histories
John A. Murphy, The College : a history of Queens's/University College, Cork, 1845-1995 (Cork, 1995).
Sean Pettit, The Queen's College, Cork : its origins and early history, 1803-1858 [unpub. Ph.D. thesis, UCC, 1973] .

Departmental/Professorial histories
Sir Rowland Blennerhassett, University education in England, France, and Germany with special reference to the needs of Ireland: being the inaugural address delivered at Queen's College, Cork
Robert C. Cummins, Some chapters of Cork medical history (Cork, 1957)
Robert C. Cummins, Unusual medical cases: a Cork physician's memories (Cork, 1962)
R.G. Gamble, History of the Cork Dental Hospital and School from 1913-1982 (Cork, 1984)
Sir Robert Kane, Inaugural address delivered at the opening of Queen's College, Cork (Dublin, 1849)
Ann Keogh and Dermot Keogh, Bertram Windle: the Honan bequest and the modernisation of University College Cork, 1904-19 (Cork, 2010).
M.A. MacConaill, George Boole, F.R.S. (1815-1864): first Professor of Mathematics, Queen's College, Cork (n.d.)
Richard Horner Mills, An introductory lecture on jurisprudence: delivered in the Law School of the Queen's College, Cork, on the 11th Feb., 1850 (Dublin, 1850)
Richard Horner Mills, The principles of currency and banking : being five lectures delivered in Queen's College, Cork, to the students in arts of the third year (London, 1853)
Ronan O'Rahilly, A history of the Cork Medical School: 1849-1949 (Cork, 1949)
Ronan O'Rahilly, Benjamin Alcock: the first Professor of Anatomy and Physiology in Queen's College, Cork (Cork, 1948)
Denis J. O'Sullivan, The Cork School of Medicine: a history (Cork, 2007)
D. O Raghallaigh, Sir Robert Kane: a pioneer in science, industry & commerce: first President of Queen's College, Cork (Cork, 1942)
Transactions of the County and City of Cork Medical and Surgical Society, 1855-61

Official publications
Queen’s College Cork, The report of the President of Queen's College Cork, 1849-1908
Queen’s College Cork, Calendar of Queen's College, Cork, 1849-1908
University College Cork, Charter of University College, Cork

Archives of Queen’s College Cork
Student matriculation albums, 1849-1908
Administration and correspondence files relating to the governance and operation of the college, 1849-1908


Queen’s University Belfast
General histories
T.W. Moody and J.C. Beckett (eds), Queen's, Belfast 1845-194 : the history of a university (London, 1959).
J.C. Beckett, Queen’s: a short history of Queen's College, Belfast and the Queen's University of Belfast (Belfast, 1984).
Leslie Clarkson, Queen's, Belfast, 1945-2000: a university in troubled times (Dublin, 2004).
Departmental/professorial histories
Sir Peter Froggatt and Barry Bridges, The Belfast Medical School, 1835-1985 (p R777/FROG)
J. Barry Bridges, Belfast medical students (RU /BRID, h p R777/BRID)
Sir Ian Fraser, The Belfast Medical school and its surgeons (RU /FRAS)
Ian C. Roddie, An excellent medical school (p R777/RODD)
Michael H. Gould, 150 Years of Civil Engineering at Queen's 1849-1999 (LF805/GOUL)
Nuala Dempster, “The Queen's University of Belfast Department of Architecture and Planning”[unpub. M.A. dissertation, QUB] (Diss/ /ADR.1997.8)      
William Donald Patten, ‘James McCosh: the making of a reputation: A study of the life and work of the Rev. Dr. James McCosh in Ireland from his appointment as Professor of Logic and Metaphysics in Queen's College, Belfast, 1851, to his appointment as President of Princeton College, New Jersey, and Professor of Philosophy, in 1868’ [Unpublished PhD thesis, QUB]                           
QCB/QUB Archive

  1. Senate Minutes

  2. President’s Reports

  3. Academic Council Minutes

  4. Departmental/Faculty Minutes

QUB Special Collections
Sir Robert Hart Collection
MacDouall Papers (Prof. MacDouall’s lectures, books, notes including those in Arabic and Sankrit)
The Q.C.B. (1899-1920)


NUI Galway

General Histories
Tadhg Foley & Thomas Boylan (eds), From Queen's College to National University: essays towards an academic history of QUC/UCG/NUI, Galway (Dublin, 1999).
President’s reports for Queen's College Galway, 1849-1908.


Magee College Londonderry
General histories
John R. Leebody, A short history of M'Crea Magee College, Derry, during its first fifty years : and A list of the students from the foundation in 1865 / compiled by George Woodburn (Londonderry, 1915) (LF945/LEEB)
Viscount Cyril John Radcliffe, Sir Henry Lawrence: centenary address delivered in ... Magee University College, Londonderry (Londonderry, Foyle College Old Boys Assn., 1957) (p DS475.2/RADC)
R.F.G. Holmes, Magee, 1865-1965: the evolution of the Magee Colleges (Belfast, 1965) (h LF945/HOLM)
College Calendars and official publications
The Magee Presbyterian College (McCrea Magee, Magee University College) calendar for the year, 1866-1968. (LF942 .C1)
Magee College Londonderry, A statement of the origin, present condition, and requirement of the Magee College (University College), Londonderry (Londonderry, 1890) (h p LF946/LOND)
Magee College Londonderry, President's report for the period (1951-4) (LF941 .P9)
Magee College Londonderry, Magee University College, Londonderry (Belfast, 1954) (p LF946/LOND)
Magee College Archive (PRONI NUU/5)


Public Record Office of Northern Ireland (extracted from PRONI hand list of privately deposited archival material)
Catholic Missionary papers (PRONI/ D1976)
Dungannon Royal School papers (PRONI/ T1674 MIC29)
Enniskillen Royal School document (PRONI/ T3496)
Bangor Collegiate School papers (PRONI/ D1341)
Bangor Endowed School document (PRONI/ T1841)
India: Army in India document (PRONI/ D1623)
Earl Macartney papers (PRONI/ T2475 T2766)
Earl Macartney Cape Colony papers (PRONI/ MIC177 MIC221)
Macartney in India papers (PRONI/ MIC407)
Macartney: Select Committee of Fort St George papers, also papers of Lord Macartney when Governor of Madras (PRONI/MIC405)
Magee University College Presbyterian Trust
Manchurian Irish Presbyterian Mission Hospital document (PRONI/D2332)
Mary Mitchell missionary letters to, from Manchuria and India  (PRONI/ T3819)
Abbe Nolin Papers from to Charles Hamilton about botany (PRONI/ [T2541] MIC470)
Qua Iboe Mission papers (Belfast based, interdenominational, evangelical, Christian mission organisation) (PRONI/ D2308 D3301 [MIC434])
Queen's College Belfast, papers (PRONI/ T1467 T1582)
Queen's College Belfast, document re Queen Victoria's visit (PRONI/ D2786)
Major General Dr Sir John W.D. Megaw Papers (Director General of the IMS, documents relating to his report on the problems of overpopulation in India, 1921-47) (PRONI/ D2154)
Brigadier John Alexander Sinton Papers (PRONI/ D4190)
Sinton documents (PRION/ T2633 T873)
Sinton & Graham papers (PRONI/D3627)
Smith papers (military and Indian) (PRONI/ D2927)
Sir Hiram ShawWilkinson papers (Diplomat and Judge in Japan, China and Korea) (PRONI/ D1292)
Whyte Papers (Family served in India, S. Africa) (PRONI/ D2918)
Armstrong Family (Major Thomas Armstrong served in India and kept journal) (D4073)
Caledon Papers (Caledon East India Papers, Earl of Caledon, Gov. of Cape Colony) (D2431, 2432, 2433)
Dufferin Papers (D1071, 1231, MIC22, T3636)
Sir Emerson Tennent Papers (D2922)
Graham Mutiny Papers (D812, MIC305, T3263)
Hart Papers (Donegal) (PRONI/ D3077)
Nugent of Farren Connell Papers (see Sir Oliver Nugent (1860-1926) letters and diaries from India, S. Africa, Natal) (PRONI/ D3835)
Redhall Papers (Letters to/from Torrens Family including John Samuel Torrens, Judge in Calcutta and Robert Torrens, M.P. and former Bengal civil servant) (PRONI/ D3580)


Official Sources:
Report of Her Majesty's Commissioners appointed to inquire into the progress and condition of the Queen's Colleges at Belfast, Cork, and Galway: with Minutes of evidence, Documents, and Tables and returns.


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