Digital South Asia Library - Reference sources, images, maps, statistics, books and journals.

Photoraj - All about Raj photography. Archival images of the Indian subcontinent 1848-1947.

From Kashmir to Kabul - A book by Omar Khan about two Irish photographers 1860-1900.

Dublin University Mission to Chota Nagpur - A brief history of Dublin University Mission to Chota Nagpur, India.

What did the Irish ever do for Us? India/Pakistan - An Irishman guide to the History of the World.

Old Indian Photos - Historical photographs of Indian Subcontinent.

The Story of India (By PBS with BBC) - Photo gallery, Documentaries and Resources.

Indian Routes - History of India with links and pictures.

Australia and New Zealand

Australian Dictionary of Biography - Search for biographies of Irish people in Australia.

Museum Victoria - Immigrant communities in Victoria.

State Library of Victoria - Search for pictures on-line

TeAra - The Encyclopedia of New Zealand - The Irish in New Zealand with archival pictures.

From North to South: Online (PRONI) - Connection between Northern Ireland and Australia.

Australian Ironoutlaw - Website dedicated to Ned Kelly.


Dictionary of Canadian Biography - Search for biographies of Irish people in Canada.

Irish-Canadian Documentary Heritage - Resources on Irish heritage at Library and Archives Canada.

The Canadian Encyclopedia - Article about Irish emigration and well-known Irish in Canada.


Irish Times - The Irish in South Africa, The Police - A Case Study.


Royal Geographical Society - Image gallery.

Irish War Memorials - An inventory of war memorials in Ireland with photographs.

Images of Empire - Images of Empire from the British Empire and Commonwealth Museum.

IRELAND & EMPIRE Secondary Schools Resources Site




Second Level Resources Link



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