A select bibliography of the modern literature

This bibliography brings together some of the modern historical writing on a number of overlapping themes:  [1] Ireland’s place in the British empire since 1800; [2] the rise of modern Irish education and its contribution to the Irish diaspora and to British imperial ascendancy; and [3] the history of Irish missionary activity in the English-speaking world.  Much of this literature examines one or more of these themes in specific national or regional settings, and this is reflected in the organization of the bibliography.   This list makes no claim to be definitive and is subject to regular revision.  Its aim is to highlight the strengths and weaknesses of current knowledge and to encourage further research across these fields. 


[a]  Ireland and the British empire: General

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[b]  Irish educational institutions

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[c]  Irish missions: general

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[d]  Ireland, India and beyond

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[e] Ireland and Australasia

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[f]  Ireland and Africa

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[g]  Ireland and North America  

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[h] Of comparative interest

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